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i am alone

but adored

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General Information
This is the icon journal of pookizegreat. It is, as a general rule, just bases, although very simple icons may occasionally be made. I enjoy making bases of celebrities, not flora, fauna or architecture. The celebrities I make icons of are numerous and varied in profession and reputation. They are primarily made for the purposes of role-playing games. It is very rare that I make icons of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and/or close friends, relatives and colleagues of. The rules here are few, I merely request that you have the decency not to hotlink, preferably to credit, and if you're feeling extra generous to comment and give me motivation for posting more. Also, please don't try to pass off my bases as your own, as people will laugh at you for not even knowing how to crop photos and put borders on them. For Christ's sake, if you're going to be an imposter at least try reaching beyond your talents. Please disregard the memories. I'm keeping track of all my posts in the tags. The icon entries are friends only, because I'm a raging asshole. I might change this eventually, when I feel like editing all the entries.

Resources & Requests
I tried keeping track of my resources once. It annoyed me. I don't do it anymore. Generally the pictures I use for bases are found through Google search (for websites or images), or fan-sites.org, which has very many websites. If you want to know where I found a particular picture or somewhat, point it out to me and ask, and I'll do my best to remember. As far as requests go, they're perfectly allowed, but I make no guarantees that I'll fill them, as I am selfish and preoccupied.

There are many places you could go from here. They're listed below.
pookizegreat - my journal, an exciting place where you can get to know me. hurrah.
writers_central - an exciting community on greatestjournal for writers, where you can learn things like how many synonyms are there for exciting
objects_inspace - another exciting base journal. i hereby vow to use the word exciting in all of my link descriptions.
dimestoreicons - even more exciting bases. and some icons. it should be mentioned that the previous journal also has some icons.
shineh - more bases, more icons, and some fic.
basicbases - if you like bases, you're really like this place.
stickywicket - good icons.
foxglove_icons - more good icons.
teh_indy - even more good icons, along with numerous other icon-related things.
color_me_envy - more icons indeed.
rpg_icons - plenty of roleplaying bases here as well.
100x100movies - more icons than you could possibly find a use for.
There are many more wonderful icon journals and communities I stalk. You can see some of them on my friends filter.

last updated: 05.18.2006